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Jadan at Hingework 2-2-23 (7)

Jadan Willis

Offering an outsider's perspective

I love to critique. I love to look for an easier, more streamlined way of doing things.

As an entrepreneur (especially a solopreneur!), it's so easy to get caught up in business that you may not see alternative ways of doing things.

I can help! I love using free and low budget tools that will help improve your business. 

All about efficiency

I live my daily life with the question "what is the most efficient way to do this?" at the front of my mind. Seriously.

Whether that's arranging my grocery list in the order of the store, looping trips together, or batching social media content, I'm determined to save time. 



Let's go through your existing workflow and see where you can improve, and how I can help you! I'll be honest if you're already in tip top shape!


Need help with some content creation? Fresh set of eyes on your website? While I'm currently maxed out on recurring work, I do have availability for project-based work!


There's a lot of things I can help you with, like creating some minor graphics, setting up a Google Business Profile, etc. And maybe that's exactly what you need! A lot of little loose ends that need tied up that are out of your expertise/would take you more time than it's worth!

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