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Peach Bottom Consignment

PBC Branding Photos 6-11-23 (4)

The Background

Beth Appel is the owner of PBC, a consignment shop that has a little bit of everything! Clothing for all ages, décor, houseware, shoes, jewelry, vendor items, and more. Established in 2011, PBC began in a small shop, located in Peach Bottom, PA. Fast forward a few years, PBC relocated just two seconds down the road, into a larger building.

I've known Beth, and PBC, for quite some time. She was my bus driver and knew my friends' family. In 2021, I co-hosted a Southern Lancaster Chamber event that Beth attended. We wrapped the event with 1:1 conversation, "speed dating" style, where we rotated around the room, asking each other "where are you struggling in your business?" Beth shared that she needed help with social media. We officially began working together in October 2021!


PBC Logo with Transparent Background

The Summary- TL;DR

I've helped increase PBC's revenue through advertising on social media & their email list, which I created in January 2023 and have grown to 600+ subscribers.

After 10+ years in Pennsylvania, PBC unexpectedly relocated 20 minutes away to Maryland. I coordinated and executed advertising methods to grow PBC's presence in the new location & am thrilled to report that they are thriving!

I've streamlined the event creation & management process by getting PBC set up on an event platform. This has allowed PBC to automate the ticket buying process, view vendor information, and easily issue refunds, as needed. I've found an easy & free way to communicate with all the vendors leading up to the event. Within 3 days of announcing a vendor show, we were able to sell out all vendor slots!


PBC had a Facebook page, which after a decade, had amassed several thousand likes/followers. I have to admit- it's so fun, and an honor, to have that kind of audience to work with! PBC also had an Instagram page, Google Business Profile, and website. 

My goal was to boost engagement and adequately advertise the store. Beth has never felt tech savvy, and while she has employees, she also works at PBC! Over time, my role has grown from managing the social media, to covering all marketing avenues. This includes managing the website, event planning, printed marketing materials, and more. 

I began by stopping at PBC once a week, using my phone to take photos of all the store had to offer. I made posts rotating through their different items. Because PBC has a variety, I wanted to show a little bit of everything. That sentiment can be applied to all businesses, not just retail. As a photographer, I showcase all my photography offerings, not just one kind of photography.

Trial & Error

As time has passed, I've learned how to advertise to the PBC audience and figuring out what performs well. It's important to note that this isn't all about the # of likes, comments, and followers. I've seen over the years how the algorithm has changed, and how certain posts just don't perform like they used to, which is fine! 

There's a line between doing your due diligence, advertising the business well, and crafting each post to get an insane amount of engagement. 

For PBC, it's important to advertise the following: hours, address, consignment updates & directions, sales, events, and of course, their inventory. You can't be too repetitive with the basic info. 

Also over time I've been able to stretch my trips out and be mindful of the content I'm posting and the timing of it, to keep things fresh. 

The Relocation

After almost 11 years in Peach Bottom, and some issues with the space, PBC closed in the summer of 2022. Beth spent months searching for a new location, and at the time of closing, wasn't sure what was next. Thankfully, she was able to find a former auto parts shop just 20 minutes south- in Rising Sun, MD. After renovations, PBC reopened in October 2022, at 190 Biggs Hwy. 

This move led to the following:

  • Updating Google Business Profile
  • Joining Rising Sun FB groups
  • Sneak peeks of the new space on social media
  • Joining Rising Sun Chamber of Commerce & hosting a mixer
  • Community outreach

The Expansion

As I mentioned, this building was originally a parts store, which has car bays attached to it. The building owner had a few sitting empty, so Beth had the opportunity to expand PBC into that area one year after opening, in October 2023. 

In 2021, Beth bought a ton (believe me- it's a LOT) of wholesale Halloween items (costumes, makeup, decorations, etc.) and because she didn't have the space, had the items for sale in a tent outside her second store in Peach Bottom. Less than ideal, but in October 2022, she opened at the new location with the Halloween items, since she was basically starting from scratch inventory-wise. 

Finally, in October 2023, the Halloween items got a proper location: the expansion area! After Halloween, we used that space for an amazing vendor show at the end of November, and now it's being  used for additional store space. Beth was able to move some areas around in the store, allowing for more walking room. This also means she'll have more space for furniture in the expansion area, which is the perfect spot due to the garage doors!

Task Breakdown

Email List

I was thrilled to create my first email list for a client! Email lists are important for 2 big reasons that go hand in hand:

(1) direct advertisement- you may miss a post in your FB or IG feed, but an email is sure to make it to your inbox. Of course, getting subscribers to READ the emails is another story, but they're receiving the info nonetheless.

(2) PBC owns the email list. We all know that social media is merely rented ground. Your account could be hacked, or you could be locked out (FB & IG support suck), and all your followers are GONE.

Topics covered in the emails:

  • Consignment updates (now accepting winter, etc.)
  • Event reminders
  • Sales
  • Holiday hours

I'm able to schedule these emails in MailChimp, which allows me to get ahead and not worry about the email list on a daily basis. Any replies to the emails (not that we are ever seeking replies, but it's inevitable) go directly to the PBC Gmail inbox where Beth can reply.

Social Media

I am scheduling daily, or near daily (sometimes I'll skip Sundays, specifically because PBC is closed) posts for PBC. As I mentioned earlier, I try to showcase everything and post a variety of items. In a week's time, I'll usually post the following:

  • baby gear (strollers, bouncers, etc.)
  • clothing (men, women, or kids)
  • shoes
  • décor
  • houseware
  • vendor items
  • purses

I sprinkle in graphics as well- sales, hour updates, consignment reminders, etc.

I also reply to comments & messages. I keep the auto reply & bio updated with what consignment we're currently accepting. 

I'm "on call" to make time sensitive posts such as unexpected closures & hour changes, or to say that PBC isn't accepting consignment for the day. 

Event Planning

Beth has hosted vendor shows for years. I've been able to streamline the sign up process & sell out vendor spots! We use Eventbrite so vendors must pay online in order to reserve their spot- I didn't want to chase people down for payment. I advertise the events, both to the public and vendors, via social media & the email list.

I manage communication with the vendors, including sending out mass emails with all the important info in the weeks leading up to the event. This includes a reminder of what was in the event description when they signed up and little details. Examples include: set up & tear down times, parking info, location, etc.

I tried a new method for our most recent vendor show. We had a discount for anyone who signed up by x date. We sold out in a matter of days, which was much quicker than in the past! I've now created a vendor "waitlist"- they are the first to know of any upcoming vendor events. They'll have first dibs on a spot before I announce the event to the public. I'll also use this list to fill in any empty spots for a vendor that can no longer make it.

Google Business Profile 

Out of everything, the GBP & website are pretty low maintenance. Once a GBP is set up, as long as your hours & location don't change, it's pretty hands off. 

I added photos of the store interior & exterior so new customers know to expect! Now more than ever, people want an idea of what they're walking into. This is also helpful to identify the store from the road!

I will reply to reviews as they come in. I sprinkle in 5 star reviews on our social media!


As mentioned above, the website is lowkey. Like any non e commerce website, it's meant to be more "evergreen," not requiring frequent edits. 

Over the years I've updated it as PBC relocated, added the email list sign up, uploaded the new consignment guidelines (see next box, "Printed Materials"), updated the consignment software link, and added branding photos. Naturally, I took those photos! :)

Otherwise, I'm really only in there to advertise an upcoming vendor event, which is every couple of months. I'll advertise the event on the site in the weeks & months leading up to it, then remove it all after the event is over.

Printed Materials

This is another "as needed" task- when we have an upcoming event, I'll get a flyer printed to display at checkout & of course, bag slips! I've also created yard signs to have alongside the road to advertise the events!

I design all of these items and have them sent to our local printer. 

Shortly after partnering with PBC, I updated their consignment guidelines sheet! This lives on the PBC website and is available in person for new consignors. As needed, I'll place an order with the printer to get another couple hundred printed to have on hand at the store!

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